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Sioux Falls Recognizes Man’s Effort In Somali Community SIOUX FALLS, SD – Sioux Falls recognized the efforts of one man who is trying to help a growing population transition to American Culture. The day belongs to Yusuf Hassan. Mayor Mike Huether read a proclamation about what Hassan does for the city and its expanding Somali population. “I’m so proud of working with the communities here in Sioux Falls, South Dakota with the various ethnics, various cultures. Working with them the […]

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Somalis under attack after shooting Cape Town – Nyanga residents went on the rampage in an apparent revenge attack after two Somali shopkeepers were arrested for allegedly shooting a seven-year-old boy on Saturday. The shopkeepers opened fire, believing they were under attack, after a stone was thrown at their shop in an incident over the weekend. Kwanele Mbele was hit in the back and underwent a five-hour operation at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital. His condition was listed as stable […]

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Britain fired up over khat popularity British government looking to ban the stimulant, but many migrants say khat is part of their culture. Southall, London – On a rainy night in West London, home to one of the capital’s largest Somali communities, inquiries into the whereabouts of the nearest mafrish or “khat house” illicit chuckles from the locals. The usual customers purchasing the green herbal stimulant – popular with the diaspora from the Arabian peninsula and Horn of Africa from […]

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Magacyada Wasiirada Jubbaland 1-      Madaxweyne ku Xigeenka 2aad Jubba-land – Suldaan C/qadir Maxamed’’Lugadheere (Hawiye/Shiikhaal). 2-      Wasiirka Ganacsiga & Warshadaha-Axmed C/Xafiid Maxamed(Digil iyo Mirifle/Dabarre ). 3-      Wasiirka Beeraha’Xoolaha & Kalluumeysiga-Prof-Maxamed Aadan Jaamac (Daarood/Mariixaan Habar Ciise 4-      Wasiirka Arrimaha Bulshada-Macalin Maxamed ibraahim Maxamuud(Daarood/Ogaadeen-Coolyahan ). 5-      Wasiirka Caafimaadka & Fayo-Dhowrka-Xasan Daahir Yaroow(Daarood/Mariixaan Rer Xasan). 6-      Wasiirka Qorsheynta & Xidhiidhka Caalamiga- Maxamed Nuur iftiin :Shambaro’’ (jareer Weyne ). 7-      Wasiirka Arrimaha Gudaha Amniga-Maxamed Warsame Faarax Darwiish’’ (Daarood/Majeerteen-Bicidyahan). 8-      Wasiirka Maaliyadda- Maxamed Sh. Yuusuf Cumar (Coor-Male ). 9-      Wasiirka Macdanta’Biyaha iyo Bey’adda-Cabdinuur Cali Aadan ( […]

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Kenya: Somali repatriation process must be voluntary, UN agency stresses 26 November 2013 – The agreement signed earlier this month between the United Nations refugee agency and the Governments of Somalia and Kenya supports the voluntary repatriation of Somali refugees, a UNHCR spokesperson has stressed, reiterating that the parties are not forcing anyone to return to Somalia. “UNHCR does not support forced returns,” UN Refugee Agency spokesperson, Adrian Edwards, told journalists today in Geneva. “This understanding was reaffirmed last Friday,” […]

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Somalis struggle after devastating cyclone wipes out livestock More than 100,000 people are struggling in Somalia’s cyclone-hit northeastern Puntland region, aid agencies warned Friday, saying floodwaters had wiped out the livestock two-thirds of the people survive on. A joint statement by 12 agencies — including Somali organisations as well as international ones such as CARE International, Oxfam, Save the Children, Refugees International and World Vision — said that people are “in dire need of food, clean drinking water and shelter”. […]

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Norwegians tried to stop Kenya mall attack suspect from joining Somali militants   OSLO, Norway — Norway’s domestic intelligence service tried to prevent one of the suspected gunmen in the Nairobi mall attack from joining Somali militants more than three years ago, but failed to talk him out of it, the agency’s chief said in an interview Wednesday. The man has been identified in Kenya as Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow, a 23-year-old Somalia native whose family moved to Norway in 1999. […]

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Somali-Swedes to fight Russia with clubs A famous Swedish bandy coach and Somali refugees are out on thin ice, and aiming for Siberia and the bandy world championship. With little time to practice, they are hoping for at least some goals. The sound of sharp steel blades scratching the skating rink’s ice pierces the chill air as players on wobbly legs hunt a bright pink ball with wooden sticks. This is Sweden, but the players are Somalis. Hailing from a […]

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Source: (IRIN)

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