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Somali FA Communication officer delivers a lecture at CAF Media Seminar in Cameroon

Shafi’i PHOTO | by Gomezgani Zaka Zaka – your gate way of Somali/Djibouti Sports news around the world,

Somali Football Federation director of communication, Shafi’i Mohyaddin, has delivered a 40-minute lecture at the CAF capacity building seminar for FAs media officers held in Cameroon.

In his lecture he spoke about the growth of sports media sector in Somalia and a number of key other issues relating to the role the media can play in the promotion of football in the whole of Africa.

“First I would like to thank CAF for giving me this high profile opportunity to deliver this lecture to the media officers attending in the seminar. This is a golden moment for me to exercise my experience and the knowledge I gained from a previous CAF seminar and I will share them with you” Somali Football Federation director of communication, Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar, told the friendly participants.

Before going down to it, Mr. Abokar first spoke about the growth of sports journalism in Somalia and how the sports media sector in the country has been progressing in the past two years during which a number of media houses including TVs and radio stations which only broadcast sports news, comments and interviews were established in Somalia.

He praised the spots media in Somalia for playing a big role in the promotion of the game in the country adding that most of foreign players in Somalia came through the media after contacting sports journalists who put them in touch with football clubs in Somalia where they finally secured agreements which led them to their arrival in the country.

In his lecture, the Somali Football Federation director of communication, Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar, explained about how hugely it was important for CAF Member Associations’ media officers to develop a very healthy and cooperative relations with FIFA and CAF media departments and as well as local and international media.

“I encourage you (Media officers) to always develop your cooperation with FIFA and CAF media divisions; because they are the people we work with. Also make sure that you have a continued and cooperative relations with international media and as well as the media people in your respective countries. This will help your endeavors to develop the game in your countries” He told the capacity workshop participants.

At the end of his lecture, the Somali Football Federation director of communication, Shafi’i Mohyaddin Abokar, was asked several questions by the media officers in the seminar and he gave very detailed answers to all questions he was asked.

Media officers from CAF- Member associations in the seminar were very delighted with the lecture which they said was more beneficial to them and will help them make changes in their countries towards the way sports media and the FAs media officers would have to develop co-operations.

A lot of media officers in the seminar have given their views about the lecture and here are quotes from some of them:

Bakay B Baldeh (Gambia) “Shafi’i your lecture was very good and it helped us a great deal, it also helped us to enhance our knowledge of media offficer’s job and how you as a person have been a media officer for Somalia and worked also in Djibouti. Specially the skills and tactics that you used in order to be able to engage and encourage the general public in Somalia to follow football and also your efforts in making sure that the sports press reports 90% percent of football activities in Somalia. Your presentation has helped us more and it will encourage us to use the skills that you showed us during your lecture. Thank you”

Bonnie Mugabe (Rwanda). :Shafi’i I thank you for the well-built lecture you have delivered. It carried a lot of important examples which are more beneficial, thank you for your lecture”.

Otieno Barry (Kenya). “I know one of the players who appeared in the pictures in your presentation, it is true that media in Somalia are having a big role in your football, because I knew when that player in the picture was traveling to Somalia. He told me that a journalist was taking him to Somalia to play for a football team in Somalia. I first though he was going to join militants, but I finally found out he joined a football team in Somalia. I really admired your lecture and it gives us a lot of advantage on how to use the media to help develop football.”

Wondimkun Alayou (Ethiopia) “I really enjoyed your lecture Shafi’i and to me it gave me more knowledge and experience. I am sure I benefitted a lot from your lecture. It was a good example of how a media officer can handle his job and the skills that a football media officer must use to make a better approach

By Omar Wardere.
Somali FA Media Committee Member

Kismaayodaily On December - 21 - 2016


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