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Photo: BBC. Male circumcision is part of both Jewish and Muslim religious rituals. Get community related news around the world at

German court rules circumcision is ‘bodily harm’ A court in Germany has ruled that circumcising young boys for religious reasons amounts to bodily harm. In a decision that has caused outrage among Jewish and Muslim groups, the court said that a child’s right to physical integrity trumps religious and parental rights. The case involved a doctor who carried out a circumcision on a four year-old that led to medical complications. Thousands of Muslim and Jewish boys are circumcised in Germany […]

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Australia: Burqa deb

Australia: Burqa debate Following controversial calls for ban on the full ...

Photo: 7news. - your gateway of Somali news around the world.

Woman bashed, thrown

Woman bashed, thrown from train in racist attack A Muslim woman ...

SFF Technical Director Awil Ismail Mohamed 2nd from right and National team coach George Sammwagere left pictured with other of/Photo:SSF. - your gateway of Somali Sports News around the world.

Somalia attends at 2

Somalia attends at 2014 world cup analysing conference [caption id="attachment_12204" align="alignright" ...


Jubbaland Diaspora i

Minneapolis, MN                 ...

Photo: SFF Media Dept. - your gateway of Somali news around the world.

Former terrorist hub

Former terrorist hub Somali region commemorates world peace day with ...