Photo: A;jazeera.

Kismaayodaily video of the week: What can we learn from: Aurukun: Mining for a future One determined aboriginal woman fights for her destitute community’s share in Australia’s mining profits. Aurukun in Queensland is one of Australia’s most remote aboriginal communities. It is also considered one of the most destitute and dysfunctional. Unemployment hovers at around 80 per cent and the local school is one of the worst-performing in Queensland. Tribal violence is part of everyday life and there are around […]

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Photo: CECACA Media Committee - your gate way of Somali/Djabouti Sports news around the world

Hospital/SDC group F

Hospital/SDC group FC wins Djibouti division B league [caption id="attachment_11461" align="alignright" ...

Photo: UEROSOM - your gate way of Somali/Djabouti Sports news around the world

Shirweynihii Eurosom

Shirweynihii Eurosom 2014 oo qodobo muhiim ah looga hadlay. [caption id="attachment_11457" ...

Photo: SSF/DFF-MD - your gate way of Somali/Djibouti Sports news around the world

Djibouti Telecom cel

Djibouti Telecom celebrates league title [caption id="attachment_11449" align="alignright" width="300"] Photo: SSF/DFF-MD ...

Photo: SSF/DFF-MD - your gateway of Somali Sports news around the world.

CAF-affiliated Anglo

CAF-affiliated Anglophone Education officers’ workshop concludes in Yaounde [caption id="attachment_11443" align="alignright" ...

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Madaxwayne Hassan Sh

Madaxwayne Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud: Ma La Gaarey Waqtigii Aad Is ...