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UN chief reaffirms support to Somali ‘New Deal’ approved at international conference 16 September 2013 – The international community and Somalia begin a new partnership today, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said urging parties to align their political and financial support begin a ‘New Deal’ to drive the country’s economic and political recovery. “Today we take forward that commitment by endorsing the Somalia New Deal Compact and aligning international support to implement its principles and priorities,” the Secretary-General said in his message […]

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IN SUMMARY Reports indicate that African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) troops, supported by Kenya Defence Forces attack helicopters and naval ships, have reached Harbole, a town near Kismayu. The forces, which include Kenyan, Ugandan and Burundian soldiers, are fighting alongside the Somali army to remove Al-Shabaab from its remaining stronghold. In the past few months, the Kenya Navy has attacked Kismayu in “shaping-up operations”, which are meant to soften targets and destroy key installations that the enemy forces could […]

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  “Historic,” “progress” and “optimism” do not seem like fitting descriptions of Somalia’s election. Not with accusations of intimidation and corruption, the lack of required female parliamentarians and legal disputes over the political status of former warlords. In other words, aren’t these the same Mogadishu politics that Somalis lament have operated for years on the basis of maxi igu jira (“what’s in it for me). But with appointment last week of a new speaker of parliament and the stage set for the […]

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Somali elders strike deal on how to rule liberated areas Somalia elders from lower and middle Juba and Gedo region have resolved to establish an interim regional federal authority to administer the region liberated from al Shabaab by Kenya Defence Forces. The elders from Ras Kamboni, Ahlu-Sunna Wal Jamaa, Harti, Azaania and officials from the Transitional Federal Government who have been meeting at the KCB Ledership Centre in Karen in Nairobi yesterday evening signed a document for the establishment of […]

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Kenya Plans Assault on Militant Port-City in Somalia Photo: Skycraperscity. Get Somali news around the world at NAIROBI—Kenya’s prime minister said his country’s forces are planning a “final onslaught” against the Somali port city of Kismayo, al-Shabab’s main supply center and funding source, before Somalia’s planned Aug. 20 presidential elections. “Without controlling Kismayo, it’s very difficult to completely neutralize al-Shabab,” said Prime Minister Raila Odinga at a news briefing in Nairobi Tuesday. The militant Islamist group supports itself by […]

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Horjoogayaasha shabaab oo cabsi soo wajahday: Marka oo lagu arkay diyaarado joog hoose ku duulaya Diyaarado Joog hoose ku duulaya ayaa saacadihii ugu dambeeyay lagu arkayay Magaalada Marka ee gobolka Shabeelaha hoose, taas oo cabsi iyo wel wel k u abuurtay Horjoogayaasha baxsadka ku ah deegaannada gobolkaasi. Wararka aynu ka heleeyno magaalada Marka ayaa sheegaya in saacadihii ugu dambeeyay magaalada Marka lagu arkayay diyaarado dagaal oo joog hoose ku socda kuwaas oo baqdin weyn ku abuuray horjoogayaasha shabaabka ee ku […]

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