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Photo: unknown. Africa's Social issue: Somalia a failed state again in 2030. - your gateway of Africa's interesting news around the world.

Study: Uganda will be a failed state by 2030 WASHINGTON A new intelligence assessment of global trends by a US-based intelligence council projects that Uganda is at high risk of becoming a failed state within the next 18 years. The 140-page report that is released every four years, after the US President is elected by the National Intelligence Council says Uganda and 14 other countries risk becoming a failed state because of their potential for conflict and environmental ills. The […]

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14.3 % is the percentage of paved roads in 2009. Photo/FILE  NATION MEDIA GROUP. Kenya in numbers, Somali in chaos - never the less, what happed, happen.  Can we, at least, re-build the house we burned? www.kismaayodaily - your gateway of a news that makes sense.

The state of the nation in facts and figures IN SUMMARY Did you know? Kenya emitted 10.4 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2008 compared to 5.8 million tons in 1990. The gas, which is blamed for global warming, came from the burning of fossil fuels and the manufacture of cement and includes the carbon dioxide produced during consumption of solid, liquid, and gas fuels and gas flaring Six point five per cent of Kenyans are affected by natural […]

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Photo: Alajazeera. - your gateway of Somali news around the world.

M23 rebels tell Al Jazeera they will not lay down their weapons until they hold direct talks with the Kabila government. Rebels in the Democratic Republic of Congo say they will not lay down their arms until they have had direct talks with the country’s government. Despite being ordered by the leaders of DR Congo’s neighbours on Saturday to release their hold over the key eastern city of Goma, the M23 group told Al Jazeera they were standing firm. Regional […]

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Princess Ruth Komuntale and her aunt during at the introduction ceremony taking place in Fort Portal Photo by Matthias Mugisha newvision. I lived in Uganda and have been Toro Kingdom part of Uganda. Truly, Uganda is evergreen paradise on earth - go Uganda and Toro kingdom.  – your Somali local news outlet that brings you Africa's interesting news.

Finally it has come. After months of speculation and tireless preparations, what will culminate into the long awaited grand royal wedding in the hills of Fort Portal on Saturday, starts this afternoon with princess Ruth Komuntale introducing her American beau, Christopher Thomas. The traditional pre-marriage ceremony will take place at the home of her paternal uncle Charles Kamurasi. The groom is not expected to pay any bride price since the princess is priceless. The church marriage ceremony on Saturday is […]

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Djibouti-Fans PHOTO | by FA-Media. - your gate way of Somali/Djibouti Sports news around the world

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