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Photo: DailyNation. - your gateway of African's news that matters most.

S. Africa formally apologises for Mandela signer In Summary Enraged sign language experts said that Thamsanqa Jantjie’s signing in front of US President Barack Obama and other world leaders gathered at Soweto’s Soccer City stadium had amounted to little more than “flapping his arms around”. JOHANNESBURG, The South African government formally apologised Friday for any offence caused by the sign language interpreter it hired for Nelson Mandela’s memorial, later exposed as a fake. “We sincerely apologise to the deaf community […]

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Photo: DailyNation. - your gateway of Somali news news that matters most.

Establish own media network, Africa urged Africa should establish its own continental media network run by its own media professionals to counter the legacy of information dependency on the West, Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn has said. “The African story needs to be accurately told in a way that reflects our challenges and aspirations,” Mr Hailemariam told the largest industry gathering of African media in Addis Ababa Thursday. “By and large coverage of unfolding media events by the hegemonic world […]

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File | NATION Somalia’s ambassador to Kenya Mohammed Ali Nur addresses a past press conference in Mombasa. With him is Coast police provincial boss Aggrey Adoli. - your gateway of Somali news that matters from around the world/

Somalia steps up bid to recover assets stashed in foreign states IN SUMMARY Foreign Affairs minister begins tour of several countries to document money in banks, embassies, aircraft and ships The Somalia Government is working on a plan to recover assets running into millions of dollars frozen by foreign governments and organisations since the collapse of the central government in 1991. Somalia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Fowsiyo Yusuf Haji Aadan began her tour of several countries this week to document Somalia’s […]

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• LOOTERS ransack Somali-owned shops in Ndola.The sight was not different in the town centre where Somali-owned shops were looted, in turn providing citizens with a variety of goods ranging from foodstuff to household appliances. "Hantiyey Macaan Waa Midaan Hoy Lagaa Oranee" - your gateway of African Social issues news.

Holland Kabaso’s killing: A wake-up call By JAMES KUNDA and GETHSEMANE MWIZABI FRIDAY, December 14, 2012, will go down in Zambian archives as a day when Ndola exploded into wild anger in protest against the gruesome killing of a Zambian domestic worker by his Somali boss the previous day. Home and abroad, Zambians are known to be peaceful and graceful people, but what started off as a fine cloudy morning would soon turn ugly. The residents, mostly youths, ran amok […]

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Children show off 'water badges' after visiting Singapore's water-recycling complex [Kris LeBoutillier/ Al Jazeera]. Where are Africa's Water Ambassadors? - your gateway of social issue news that matters.

Singapore’s freshwater obsession Singapore, RoS – Drinking water has always been a strategic resource, all the more so in this tiny nation, as it lacks many natural sources of its own. Singapore has, however, recently employed technology, including introducing a rainwater-capturing scheme, to help quench its thirst. For decades, Singapore has relied heavily on neighbouring Malaysia to transfer water, a situation that caused diplomatic tension between the two and spurred concerns the Malaysian government may one day turn off the tap. Desalination […]

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Nakiryowa with her children before the acid attack. photo: New vision. - gateway of Africa's social issues news around the world,

Sunday Vision-Photographs of Hanifa Nakiryowa 30, before she was burnt with acid, are proof enough that she was a beautiful woman.  The corrosion left her face scarred, but it did not break her spirit. Nakiryowa is not hiding under veils. She proved this by walking into the New Vision offices with her head held high. Even after various operations at Mulago Hospital, doctors have referred her to South Africa for further care, but she has no money as she has […]

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