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Photo: unknown. Somali for all Somalis - - your gateway of the Somali justice advocates.

Photo: unknown. Somali for all Somalis – – your gateway of the Somali justice advocates news.

May 20, 2013

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Concerned Somalis

Stop Detainee Executions in Somalia!

We, the undersigned and concerned Somalis strongly condemn the executions of detainees by Somali authorities without due process. The local media reported several horrifying incidents in which persons under the custody of Somali authorities were picked out of prison and summarily executed.

On April 30, 2013, 13 Somali prisoners were picked up from a prison in Bosaso in the middle of the night, dumped on a truck, and executed in the suburbs of the city1. The reports coming out of Puntland State indicate that while six of the detainees may have been recently sentenced to capital punishment by a court in Puntland, the remaining seven never appeared in court. On May 2, 2013, the Puntland Minister of Security announced that an additional 18 prisoners are scheduled to be executed soon2.

In March 2013 detainees were picked up from the National Security Service Prison in Mogadishu, loaded on a truck, and later executed in the suburbs of the city.3 On April 3, 2013, two prisoners were taken out from prison in Beledxawo, Gedo, by government soldiers and summarily executed4. These are the reported incidents only.

Over the past one and half years, and roughly once a month, hundreds of people at a time have been rounded up in Mogadishu. One prison camp where some of the people are held is called Halane and is located close to the airport in Mogadishu. Another prison camp called Danaane is located along the coast, about 50 kilometers south of Mogadishu. Reports indicate that prisoners in these various camps are easy targets for retribution and torture.

We believe that in the absence of the right to due process in a court of law, and in the absence of the right to be represented by counsel before a case can be tried, these capital punishments are illegal under International Law.

We appeal to human rights organizations to investigate this matter. We appeal to the UN Human Rights Council to open an enquiry into these executions. We request that prisoners be given due process before a court of law. We request that the Red Cross be granted access to all prison camps. We request that those responsible for the violations of human rights be held accountable. We call upon the international community to exert pressure on the Somali authorities to immediately and without delay stop all executions.

Thank you.

1 Hiiraan Online
2 Hiiraan Online
3 Shabelle Media Network
4 Caasimadda Online

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Stop Detainee Executions in Somalia!


1. Abdiaziz H. M. Hussein
2. Mohamoud Gaildon
3. Abduwahab Tarey
4. Hamdi Abdulle
5. Mohamed Keynan
6. Dr. Mohamud Ulusso
7. Avv. Abdulkadir Ahmed Nur
8. Abdulkadir Farah
9. Bashi Jibril
10. Liban Abdulkadir Zoppe
11. Mohamed Barre (Junlay)
12. Mohamed Tennis
13. Mukhtar Abukar
14. Ahmed Hamud
15. Abdirashid Gayre
16. Sabraa Halane
17. Omar Abdulle
18. Nur Bahal
19. Hussein Warsame
20. Asha-Kin F Duale
21. Nuur Farah
22. Farah Aw-Osman
23. Sahra Ali Salaad
24. Jibril Mohamed
25. Dr. Qasim Hersi Farah
26. Ilyas Hayuke
27. Abdurrahman Moallim Ahmed
28. Abdulkani R. Barrow

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Kismaayodaily On May - 20 - 2013




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